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Welcome to S3 (Steve's Sentra/Subaru) Used Parts! Supplying parts online since 2001!

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S3 Used Parts is based in Morgantown, West Virginia, and specializes in 1982-1994 Nissan Sentra, 1985-1994 EA82 Subaru (DL, GL, GL-10, Loyale, XT) and other import parts. While the above cars are my specialty, there are many other cars which I can get parts for. Import or domestic, I'll do my best to get it! I currently have ready access to:
-5 B11 (1982-1986) Nissan Sentras
-Over 30 B12 (1987-1990) Nissan Sentras
-18 B13 (1991-1994) Nissan Sentras
-7 N12 (1987-1990) Nissan Pulsars
-OVER 60 EA82 Subarus!!!!
-and many other models of cars!!

If you would like a part, please fill out a parts request (the request form is currently under construction- please e-mail me). I will get back to you with availability and pricing. I may not be able to get certain parts from my personal "stash" of cars. However, I can usually second-source the parts. If I second-source a part, I will not be able to set my own price for the part- these prices will usually be more expensive than my normal prices. Of course, I will ask you before second-sourcing a part.

Shipping will be via UPS Ground unless otherwise requested. You, the buyer, will pay the shipping cost unless I specify otherwise. Some items are too large or bulky to ship. If this is the case I will let you know before you pay for the part. Items that are too large to ship MUST be picked up in person. If you are local, I can deliver parts in person. For orders of $100 or more, I can meet you within 50 miles of Morgantown, WV to exchange parts. I also make frequent trips from Morgantown, WV to Louisville, KY. If it is convenient for you to meet me along the way, I will consider bringing your part(s) along on my trip.

As I said before, if you need a part that came out of something besides a Nissan or Subaru, don't hesitate to ask! Please remember, though, that I cannot get parts for many cars made after the mid-1990's. Another note worth remembering is that this is a part-time business, and I am also employed elsewhere and currently going to college. Sometimes I may not be able to get parts immediately. Thank you for looking!!

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