"Roo" was my first EA82. I had been calling this car "the Roo", short for Subaru, and eventually the name "Roo" just kinda stuck. I got this car for FREE back in March of 2002. It was a 1989 4WD sedan with the crappy 3 speed automatic trans. At the time I got this car, I was working for Advance Auto Parts. One of our regular customers (a real sleazebag, by the way) asked me if I knew anyone who wanted a Subaru. I asked how much, and he told me, "just get it out of my driveway." According to him, the turbo was shot and the car was running like crap. I took a look at the car, and found that it was a nonturbo model with no air filter and a cracked distributor cap. So of course I told him I'd take the car. I had some of my first 4WD fun with this car in the mud pit near my house, and in my own yard. I kept the car until June, and by that point I was sick and tired of the car running at 4000rpm just to hit the speed limit on the highway. I sold the car on Ebay and got $550 for it, and now it's living happily in Michigan.