I picked up "Reddie" in February of 2003, just a few weeks after Kanga's demise. The name "Reddie" comes from my favorite toy car as a kid- a little red 4 door hatchback. Reddie is a 1987 GL wagon, carbed, with Dual Range 4WD. She had been in almost mint condition, until she was involved in a hit and run. The wreck made a big ol dent in the right rear quarter panel, and bent the wheel in a few degrees. Because of this damage, I managed to score the car for $300, and it cost me $15 in junkyard parts to get the wheel straight again. I drove the car 400 miles the very next day, and she ran straight as an arrow. Luckily for me, I brought Reddie home a week before the "Valentine's Day Blizzard". Throughout 3 days and 2 feet of snow, she never failed me. Thanks to the Dual Range I never came close to getting stuck. Even in snow up to the bumpers, the mighty Subaru pushed through. Reddie seems to be shaping up quite nicely. I've already installed a set of XT6 seats, and I have a set of 14" Pug wheels sitting around waiting for a set of 26" tires. I may end up adding a 3" lift kit this summer, depending on my money situation. And yes, I plan to bang out the dent.