Pine Barrens Subaru Meet #2

Here's the pics from the meet on 4/13/03. Thanks to battery problems with my digital camera, I was only able to get a few pictures. The trip was more or less an easy one, I had some rubbing problems on my rear wheels, and Moosens' engine died 4 times due to sucking in some water. Other than that there were no breakdowns. The weather conditions were good, and the trail was rather wet. I wasn't able to get any pics of the tough stuff, it's kind of hard to drive and take pics at the same time. There was one section of the trail with at least 20 water holes in a row, and lots of whoop-de-doos. In some places the water was so deep it came over my hood, and I'm running about 3 inches higher than stock. Hopefully one of the other guys got some pics of the stuff. Unfortunately there was a group of dirt bikers having a race that day, and they were using PUBLIC trails, so we kept having to dodge each other. A sign notifying people of the race would have been nice. There was also a large group of horses on the trail, we ran into them on the way out. A little girl had been thrown off one of the horses, she seemed to be very scared but OK. EJ, being the good guy he is, gave her and her dad a ride back to the ranger station. Subaru to the rescue! So, without further ado, here are the pics:

The lineup, before heading into the woods. Look how clean all the cars are.

My car before hitting the trail. Notice that both sides of the black "turbo triangle" are intact.

Here I am about a mile or two into the woods, at Moosens breakdown #1. The car is still dripping from running through a few water holes.

EJ and his lifted Hatch running through the first big water hole.

After Moosens breakdowns #2, 3, and 4, we caught up with the rest of the group to find this scene. The guys had been playing around in a sand pit, and EJ had gotten stuck in over a foot of the stuff. Mr. Whirly tried to pull him out with a stock EA82 wagon and got stuck as well. At this point my low battery light was on and I had to start limiting my pictures.

Here's the hole that EJ had sunk into. If he'd had some momentum built up I'm sure it would've been no problem.

Here's a couple shots of my wagon. This was toward the end of the trail, when we were trying to get a big stick out from under Dennis' car. This thing was about 3 inches thick and had wedged itself into his front suspension. Notice that the lower half of my left "turbo triangle" has been torn off. :) (I'm referring to the black things in front of the rear wheel wells)

Brattysvx's 86 BRAT

Mr. Whirly's 89 Touring Wagon

My 87 Wagon

Hocrest's Gen2 Legacy

Moosens' 89 Touring Wagon. Here Paul shows us the air filter that he soaked in one of the water holes.

Dennis in his 85 Turbo RX Sedan. Dennis' assistant mechanic is on the left.

EJ's lifted 87 Hatch.

My casualty from the day. Somewhere along the trail I ripped open the driver's side front CV boot, and filled the joint up with sand. I'm honestly surprised that the car made it home without the joint failing- I've never heard a CV joint make noises like this one.