Miscellaneous Pictures

Here you'll find the pictures that don't fit into any other categories. Most are just odd shots that I took along with other pictures on a roll of film, but every now and then a Photoshop edit will pop up here.

Here's the new bank in town. Yes it's pronounced "Sentra". I just thought this was kinda cool.

My new Stillen side skirts leaning on the side of the car, just to get an idea of what they'll look like. I really wish I'd waited until after I had the new wheels to take these.

Took these pictures just a few minutes after mounting the wheels at a friend's house. Right after I took it for a romp around the neighborhood, hence the dust sprayed up on the right side. The handling is impressive, to say the least!!

CRASH!! Sorry, this is the only picture I have.

Right after putting the replacement parts on the car. It's kinda hard to see, but the hood is light blue.

Interior shot, about a week before installing the NX seats.

Close up of my Japanese license plate. The Asian exhcange students on campus all stare at this when I drive past.

A couple of dusk shots at the WVU Law School.

NX seats installed.

Here's a few shots from when I picked the car up from the shop after painting. I hadn't stuck the fog lights and license plate on yet, or even the Nissan emblem in the grille! The car looked so good when I picked it up that I almost didn't recognize it...