This page is always getting updated. If you have a link that you think should go here, please give it to me!

Sentra and Sentra-related Links THE site for Sentra owners. If you own a sentra this is a MUST! A site dedicated to the SR20 class of engines. Makes for interesting reading even if you don't own an SE-R.

DG Racing- This is a small performance company dedicated mostly to Sentras! I've met the owner personally, he's not too bad for a Canadian. (a note to all you Canadians with no sense of humor- that was a JOKE!)

Sentra Styles- a really cool Sentra site. I especially like the Sentra limo.

Mather MotorSports- a rally-ready B13!!

Nissan Pulsar/EXA- lots of info about the Pulsar, IMHO a neat little car.

Richmond Riders- Josh's dropped '89

Sentra "Batmobile"- Nick's '94 LE

KT322's '98 200SX- a site about the B14's 2-door cousin

"Classic" 1993 Sentra SE- Eugene's bad ass Alaska rider.

Ryan's '99 Sentra GXE- a real nice looking '99 GXE.

zer0's Nissan Sentra Page- here's one for you B12er's.

Other Nissan Links

Steve's Stanza Page- my old web page about my last car, a 1990 Nissan Stanza.

Charles' Stanza World- Homepage of one of my online boyz, also an owner of 3 Stanzas- a 90, 91, and 92

Team Nismo- a club for all Nissan owners. Just don't order anything from them. You'll never get it.

Team NSE- The online Nissan Stanza club that I helped start back in the day. They're really taking off. One of their goals is to get some recognition from the major performance companies. At the rate they're going, it won't be long. Very good reading. Lots of info about the grandaddies of the current Nissans.

Nissan Brochures Online- This guy collects Nissan Brochures. He has damn near EVERYTHING! Really interesting site. By the way, he's also a Sunny owner.

Other Car Sites

Sport Compact Car- my favorite car magazine. I just wish they weren't so biased toward the damn Hondas.

NOPI online- NOPI. Need I say more?

Crutchfield- A must for audophiles. Just try not to drool on the keyboard.

CyberAuto- If it's available for your car, these guys have it!

Part Sites

Copart Car Locator- Need to find used parts in your area? Look here! Also a great site for looking at wrecked Hondas! Same idea as the Copart Car Locator. While they don't give you pics of the cars, they do tell you if the part you need is still there.

Nissan AutoGator- If you need a part for your Nissan or Infiniti, they'll find it for you!

Nissan Only Wreckers- The name says it all!

Humor/Satire Sites

Brian's Rice-boy Page- The big daddy of car humor. This one will have you rolling on the floor!

Beaterz- Chronicling questionable automotive style since 1999. A close second to the Rice-boy page, but this guy actually updates rather frequently. Check out the link to the Desert Storm Civic- I sent him that!

The Ultimate Poseur 4x4 Site- SUV killed the sports car. If you agree with that, go here!!