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I got "Kanga" for $400 in July 2002, just after my 21st birthday (station wagons are great for hauling kegs!). This car was a 1987 DL 5 speed with single range 4WD. Now where does the name "Kanga" come from? If you looked at my first page, you'd find that my first EA82 was called "Roo". Now, since the little kangaroo on Winnie the Pooh was named Roo, and the big one was named Kanga, and this car was bigger than Roo, it ended up being named "Kanga". I think the name has a nice ring to it, and women think it's cute as hell. Kanga has been my most fun Subaru to date, and also the most reliable car I've ever owned. In the 6 months and 10,000 miles I owned her, the only part I had to replace was the alternator. I joined the USMB right after I got Kanga, and through her and the board I lerned TONS of things about Subarus. I had my first true 4WD experience with Kanga in New Jersey in November, at the USMB Pine Barrens meet. I must say I was impressed. This car hauled enough parts home from the junkyard to pay for itself, got me around while my Nissan was down with a bad tranny, and helped me move absolutely everything I own into my new apartment.

On the night of January 22, 2003, Kanga died. I hit a bump and the right rear strut tower finally succumbed to rust. The strut assembly pushed up through the fender well and into the body, tearing the hell out of that corner of the car. The body settled down onto the arms of the suspension, and sank so low that the mud flap touched the ground. Kanga kept running the whole time, and too proud to be towed, she made it home under her own power- albeit at 15mph. I had already been considering buying another wagon when this happened, so that brings us on to my next car...