The first car featured here is Josh's '89 Sentra. Besides being a personal friend of mine Josh is also a major player on

Right now the engine of the car is basically stock. But, this car has hella cosmetic mods. Some of the biggies are a ground effects kit, 16x7 Aerospeed rims, mirror tint (not pictured), custom made white gauges, and a white vinyl (the good kind that feels like leather) interior. Another reason the car looks so good is because he painted all the trim parts that are normally unnpainted. The bumpers, mirrors, grille, and a few other small parts.

The sound system in there is NICE. A Pioneer PH-4000 deck, and 2 12" subs! I can't remember what type of amp he has on them, but it THUMPS. Perfect for waking up the whole neighborhood at 3AM. =)

You can visit Josh's website here.