I work at an auto parts store here in town. And I run into lots of idiots. After posting a few of my little anecdotes on the bulletin board, I decided to post them here for your enjoyment. The name of the store has been withheld (just covering my ass). Also, be advised to not let your 6 year old read about drum brake calipers or magical battery testers- some of these pages contain bad language.

You calling me a Grand Prick?

Those calipers on drum brakes sure are a nifty idea...

Only Deloreans travel through time... not Corsicas.

No problem, I'll just use a really long set of jumper cables.

Where am I?

And while you're checking the battery, It's always a good idea to lick the terminals.

Drano: use every oil change.

GM makes parts for Dodges now!

Besides just selling auto parts, I do psychic readings too!

And Napa is going to read your mind better than I can?

Who do you think we are, Dominos?