Chat Suggestions for guys:

  1. Do not put anything about your dick in your username (i.e. big9incher4u). This will not get you laid, it will get you IGNORED.
  2. Do not put a picture of your dick in your profile. This will also get you IGNORED.
  3. Do not jerk off on cam. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WATCH THIS ARE GAY/BI GUYS. If you happen to be gay/bi, and someone wants a show, go right ahead. Expect to be IGNORED by every woman who sees you if you do this.
  4. Don’t tell a chick about your cock. This shows that you care about nothing but sex and is a big turnoff.

-A note about the last 4 comments- yes, almost every woman prefers a big dick over a small one. BUT, THEY ALSO PREFER TO FIND OUT ABOUT YOUR COCK SIZE ON THEIR OWN WHEN YOU TWO ARE IN BED TOGETHER.

  1. A lonely, single, 18 year old swimsuit model is not going to be in chat taking her clothes off on cam. This is a porn bot. Carrying on a conversation with it just makes you look like an idiot.
  2. Asking a woman what she’s wearing, if she’s horny, or pretty much anything else sex-related will get you IGNORED. If she wants to talk about sex, she’ll lead you into it. Asking her this kind of stuff makes her think that you’re sitting there jerking off to her. To think of a stranger doing that is a pretty fucking creepy thought for most women.
  3. On second thought- if you’re jerking off while in chat you’re pretty fucking pathetic. Get off my internet.
  4. A NOTE FOR GAY GUYS: Straight men do not want to have their dicks sucked by other men. That’s one of the things that sets them apart from gay/bisexual men. GET OVER IT ALREADY.
  5. On that note- anyone who comes into chat and says “who wants their dick sucked?” is either a porn bot or a man. If the person in question is listed as a young female, it’s a bot. If there is no gender listed, IT IS A MAN. PERIOD.
  6. Women do not want to run off and “have some fun” with some stranger off the net that they’ve been talking to for 50 nanoseconds. Asking for this will get you ignored.
  7. 18 year old women are not interested in 50 year old men. Find someone your own age.
  8. If you ask “where are all the bitches at” or something like that, you’ll find that they’re nowhere- because they’ve all IGNORED you.
  9. If you want to meet someone from the net, get to know her first. This is not something that can be done in one evening. The internet is a hangout for rapists, and you cannot expect a woman to meet you until she fully trusts you. DO NOT try to force her into it.