Suggestions for girls:

  1. Telling someone what region youíre from will not get you stalked or raped. Mentioning that youíre within 20 miles of some well-known city ainít exactly the same as giving out your street address. Saying ď24/f/PAĒ could mean youíre next door to me or 8 hours away. Just donít put your full name in your profile and youíll be fine.
  2. Donít brag about how you used to be a cheerleader in high school. This is the internet. Nobody gives a fuck.
  3. Mentioning anything about how you only want a guy with money will piss off most guys in chat and will most definitely not get you the attention of a rich guy. A rich guy knows that he can always pick up some airhead by looking pretty in his BMW convertible- why the hell would he be in chat?
  4. Yes, itís fine that you have kids. Itís cute if you put their pics in your photo album. Putting your childís picture where people expect to see you, and furthermore, having NO pic of yourself anywhere, is ANNOYING.
  5. If you have a boyfriend, donít act like youíre single. This pisses off us single guys, and Iím sure your boyfriend would be tickled pink about it if he knew.
  6. If you donít want to be mobbed by messages from guys, donít say ďanyone who wants to chat, IM me.Ē If you see a guy you want to talk to, IM him or get his attention in the room. Heíll be happy that you did- I promise.
  7. On the above note- donít ask for IMís and then ignore people when they say hello. This is FUCKING RUDE.
  8. If a guy IMís you and starts talking about his dick/asks you to have sex/asks if youíre horny/whatever- just put him on ignore instead of complaining about it to everyone else. Itís not rocket science.
  9. If you put something about your breasts or how much you love sex on your username, expect every guy who IMís you to act like a perv. If you put a revealing picture on your profile, expect the number of pervs to multiply by 10.
  10. If youíre only in chat to hook up with other girls, just say youíre a lesbian. Really. All of this ď20/bi f looking for another bi f only, NO GUYSĒ (with NO GUYS repeated 10 times in the profile) makes you look snotty. And because you say youíre bi, guys will still think they have a chance. Just say youíre gay and most guys will leave you alone- except those few morons who think youíll let them watch you go down on another girl. For those guys- let them come over, then kick them in the nuts, shove a porn movie up their ass, and send them home. (just kidding about letting them come over)