The Riced Out Aspire

I saw this "thing" when I was taking the pictures for the Riverfront Series. Since I had my camera with me, and I'm a loyal fan of, I decided to take some pics. Of course I've already posted it on the Beaterboard, and I'm hoping it'll make its way into the main BeaterZ site.

My, what have we here? Is that an... ASPIRE? Wow... that 63hp has me shaking in my boots...

Here we have the usual assortment of stickers. Most of these products he's advertising are universal, so he most likely does have some of them. Also a note about the Momo decal... I looked inside, he does have a shift knob. But it's sure as hell not a Momo. And his steering wheel is stock. But he *does* have Momo seatbelt pads. I guess in a ricer's mind, that warrants putting on a decal...

Here's a close up of the rear bumper. Look at the cracked bumper, and the "OUCH" in shogun-style lettering. I think a band-aid would have been more appropriate. Also worth noting is that he has those stupid light covers with tiny openings on EVERY LIGHT on the car. Except the third brakelight, which is completely covered up.

And this one REALLY takes the cake:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (stops to catch his breath) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! With an exhaust like that, I'm surprised the hamsters don't escape! The triple exhaust on the Hyundai was bad... but this is just the ultimate!!

Also note that the parking space is marked "Reserved". He must be "special"!!