OK, so this guy calls in. I look up a head gasket for a '91 Honda Civic for him. And that's when things start getting interesting...
Him: Do you have it in stock?
(I check)
Me: I sure do.
Him: Can you deliver it to me?
(I'm thinking this guy works at a shop and wants it delivered, he really seems to know his way around a car. We deliver parts to our commerical customers as an incentive to keep them buying from us)
Me: Sure. Where is your garage located?
Him: On Amhurst Road.
(Something's fishy here... Amhurst Road is in the middle of a residential area, and to top it off I used to live a block away from there... there are no shops on that street.)
Me: And what is the name of your garage?
Him: Name? Ummm... my name is XXXXXX XXXXXX.
Me: No, what is the name of your garage?
Him: Why would I name my garage?
(Now I KNOW something is up)
Me: Are you asking me to have this part delivered to your house?
Him: Yeah, where else would I want it?
Me: I'm sorry, we only deliver to businesses.
Him: Well, I can't come up to get it. My engine is torn down. It needs a new head gasket.
Me: Well then, you either need to get a ride up here, or maybe you should talk to the guys at Shorty Anderson's (less than 1/4 mile from him) and see if they'll have it delivered to their shop for you.
Him: Well if you've got that kind of attitude, I'm never buying from you guys again.

Congrats, asshole. You never made it up there to buy from us in the first place.