Guy pulls up to the store, spits his tobacco juice all over the sidewalk I just swept, walks into the store, meanders around the aisles for a bit, then walks up to the counter.
Me: Something I can get for you sir?
Him: (VERY thick redneck accent) I'm lookin' for a modulator valve for an 84 Buick.
Me: What model?
Him: 84
Me: I mean, what's the name of it? Is it a Regal, Somerset, Park Avenue...
Him: It's an 84.
Me: Sir, I can't really get your parts for you if I don't know the name of the car. Did you drive it here?
Him: Nope.
Me: Sorry, I can't help you unless I know what kind of car you have.
Him: Ahh, piss on it. I'm goin' to Napa.