College age guy walks in with his girlfriend...
Him: I need a battery tested.
Me: Is it installed in the car right now?
Him: Yeah
(I grab the portable tester and wheel it outside)
Me: Where's the car?
Him: Over at Bent Tree.
Me: I need to have the battery here to test it, whether it's in the car or not.
Him: Well it's just up the hill...
Me: Can you get it down here?
Him: It won't start.
Me: Can you get a jump?
Him: I'll just take it out and carry it here. When you close?
Me: In 10 minutes. If you have it here by 8 I can test it.
Him: I can't walk over there, take it out, and bring it back here in 10 minutes!
(He's starting to get rather pissed)
Me: Well, I'm sorry, but we close at 8. You can bring it in at 8 tomorrow morning.
Him: (as he's walking away) Thanks for being a dick!