Guy walks up to the counter...
Me: Something I can help you with?
Him: Yeah, I need a caliper for a 92 Taurus.
(I look it up on the computer)
Me: Left or right?
Him: Left... I mean right...
Me: Driver or passenger side?
Him: Driver side.
Me: OK, left then. Ummmm... I've got a left front here for $29.99...
Hiim: I need it for the back.
(I scroll down)
Me: Is that an SHO?
Him: No.
Me: You don't have calipers in the back. It has drum brakes in the rear. They don't use calipers.
Him: It's got a damn caliper back there, I took it out today!
Me: You must be thinking of something else. Only disc brakes have calipers.
Him: Don't tell me you know more about my car than I do, son. It's got god damn calipers in the back!!
Me: Sir, drums don't have calipers. I'm the one working at the auto parts store. I know this.
Him: Whatever, just get me a fucking caliper so I can get my car running again. I know it's got a fucking caliper back there.
(I look up a wheel cylinder and pull it off the shelf)
Me: Is this the caliper you need?
Him: Yeah, that's it.
Me: This is a wheel cylinder. It says it right here on the package.
(He walks off to the register muttering things under his breath)